Total Swine Genetics: Ontario's Premier Boar Stud

Biosecurity Measures

1.  3 Tiered PRRS Prevention Strategy

At TSG we provide peace of mind to our semen customers through a three tiered approach to biosecurity.

  • Prevention: Our facilities have complete air filtration using a MERV 3000 air filter. All air intake is 100% filtered. An air lock chamber has been added to allow fumigation and safe entry of large supplies.
  • Monitoring: PRRS appears in the blood first. We take blood samples from our boars every collection day. A private laboratory provides same-day results to TSG before semen is used on farm. Protocols are in place for the lab to immediately re-test any positive sample and to contact TSG immediately.
  • Failsafe: Afternoon delivery of semen provides a time delay during which test results can be verified and communicated to customers, should a positive test occur. All of this ensures that customers will be informed before semen is used on farm.

2.  Health Status / Monitoring Protocol

All boars at TSG are PRRS naive. Our stud Veterinarian visits monthly to ensure high health and comfort of all boars in our care.

3.  New Boar Entry Protocol

All boars entering our stud are subjected to a stringent pre-entry health screening (blood testing), are quarantined for a period of time and extensively blood tested a second time to ensure the safest possible semen source for our customers. View protocol document.

4.  Delivery Precautions

Delivery drivers at TSG have a separate drive way, separate entrance to the building, separate storage and loading room. This room is cleaned and disinfected after every delivery day.

TSG Drivers are trained to fully understand the importance of biosecurity measures at every drop on their route.


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