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Maternal lines now available from DNA Genetics, Genesus, Hypor Libra and Topigs Norsvin.
DNA Genetics
Best People. Best Pig. Best Genetic Option.

DNA Genetics provides superior maternal and terminal lines that thrive in North America's commercial production setting and marketplace.
  • Most widely used terminal boar line in North America' the Line 600 Duroc boar.
  • Largest purebred Duroc nucleus herd in the world, resulting in more than 16,000 Duroc boars being individually performance tested every year.
  • Gene transfer centers stocked with boars directly from nucleus farms, not boar multipliers. Direct from nucleus means a decrease in genetic lag by 1.5 generations.
  • Elite terminal boar line option
  • Committed to having the lowest generation interval in the industry, which means faster genetic progress. Then passing the genetic improvements on to producers as quickly as possible. This is accomplished through rigorous, continuous improvement.
  • Post-Cervical Artificial Insemination (PCAI) is available which offers many benefits such as: improved safety, labor and time savings, fewer sperm cells for lower cost of goods, and higher-indexing boars to be spread across more sows. On-farm training is available for producers who implement PCAI.

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Genesus Genetics is the world leader in hyper prolific gilts being produced from the largest registered purebred herd in the world. Our teams of geneticists and meat scientists have been the back bone that has allowed hundreds of our customers to produce more than 25 Pigs Weaned per Sow in a calendar year and put our top herds over 30 PWSY. Our sire line genetics are based on science and data that transfers into real results for you, our customer.

  • Genesus has the largest independent registered purebred swine herd in the world
  • Genesus registers 40.5% of all registered purebred breeding stock in Canada
  • Genesus nucleus primary genetics consist of registered Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc
  • Genesus swine health is excellent, meeting and exceeding all veterinarian and export-import demands
  • Genesus has and is spending millions of dollars in Genetic Improvement, Scientific Research and Development
  • Genesus has four geneticists managing and providing expertise
  • Genesus maternal lines have proven excellence at the commercial level. Genesus customers have more herds over 30 pigs and 25 pigs weaned in customer percentage than any other Genetic company
  • The Genesus Duroc Terminal Sire has dominated in independent studies on growth rate, feed conversion and carcass characteristics. Genesus market hogs have high packer acceptance
  • Genesus since 1998 has analyzed thousands of terminal sire lines for all carcass qualities. These weekly tests include Backfat, loin, pH, color, tenderness, intramuscular fat, primal weights, etc. We are aware of no other genetic company that has, for over a decade, tested such carcass characteristics
  • The Genesus multiplication system provides high volumes of high health gilts
  • Artificial Insemination studs located throughout North America provide the same day delivery of Genesus terminal and maternal semen
  • Genesus has export expertise, having sent thousands of breeding stock by land and air with great success
  • Genesus is owned and operated by the principals of the company. Genesus personnel are dedicated professionals with the swine industry
Hypor Libra

A crossing between Hypor Landrace and Hypor Large White; Hypor Libra is the world's most balanced F1 sow for total system profitability. An industry leader in pigs weaned per sow lifetime.

  • Built to Last
    Robust, solid sows with underlines that can wean large litters make Hypor Libra last longer and produce consistently in intensive production environments.
  • Efficient Breeder
    Younger age at first oestrus, clear signs of standing heat and a short weaning to mating interval make Hypor Libra easy to breed and highly efficient.
  • Easy to Manage
    Hypor Libra is very well suited for a wide range of housing options including individual stalls and group gestation. In the farrowing house her natural behavior results in easier labor and fewer crushing accidents. The Hypor Libra is an all-around staff favorite for ease of management.
  • Efficient Feed Utilization
    Hypor's target for gestation and lactation feed consumption is 1000 kgs per sow per year' many Hypor Libra herds already reach this goal.
  • Finishing Advantages
    Hypor does not overlook that half the slaughter generation's finishing and carcass characteristics are inherited maternally. Pig quality, uniformity, growth rate, feed efficiency, and carcass leanness are all included in Hypor's maternal breeding objectives.


EasyHypor is the replacement gilt production component of a rotaterminal cross system. In this type of system the herd can be completely closed to live animals' providing several health and biosecurity advantages.

EasyHypor females are bred with GP semen (purebred Landrace or Large White) on an eight month alternating schedule. All genetic improvement at the PS level comes from the GP semen supplied by a Hypor Gene Transfer Centre or an authorized Hypor distributor.

The genetic make-up of the PS gilt is approximately one-third: two thirds Landrace: Large White or vice-versa depending on the stage of the rotation.

Topigs Norsvin is "THE WORLD"S MOST INNOVATIVE SWINE GENETICS COMPANY". Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Topigs Norsvin Canada Canadian is a wholly owned subsidiary of Topigs Norsvin, headquartered in The Netherlands. Manitoba, Canada is home to two Genetic Nucleus farms of Topigs Norsvin. These farms participate with many other International Genetic Nucleus herds in the Topigs Norsvin program worldwide. Topigs Norsvin has both nucleus and multiplication units located throughout Canada.

Topigs Norsvin supplies North America with high health, genetically stress free stock. Consumer focused, long term selection for meat quality has resulted in a stress free animal, with the desired carcass traits and exceptional meat quality that today's packer and customer demand. Topigs Norsvin breeding stock provides excellent production and superior growth and feed efficiency from a user-friendly animal.

Balanced breeding

Our starting point in breeding is the animal. The Topigs Norsvin pig must remain robust and easy to handle; it must maintain balance while the improvement of a trait must not lead to problems in the pig"s other traits. An example of balanced breeding is our focus on piglet vitality. In breeding vital piglets, piglet mortality has not increased even though the number of live-born piglets per litter has increased strongly over the past few years.

Service and Knowledge

Topigs Norsvin develops and markets both genetics and know how. Topigs Norsvin customers are supported by a team of specialists in the area of breeding, nutrition, health and carcass quality. A wealth of knowledge in combination with practical experience is available to all customers, forming a sound basis for your successful operation.
With production & sales of more than 1.55 million crossbred gilts and over 8 million doses of semen per year, Topigs Norsvin is one of the biggest swine genetics suppliers in the world. Each year more than 90 million slaughter pigs are produced with Topigs Norsvin genetics.

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