Ontario's Premier Boar stud

“Supplying superior quality genetics through top quality semen along with excellent customer service”
- Total Swine Genetics

Total Swine Genetics is Ontario's leading swine artificial insemination boar stud. TSG's strength lies in high quality genetics suppliers; economies of scale (capacity for over 500 boars in two facilities), state of the art biosecurity, climate controlled barns and staff who are experienced, knowledgeable and service minded.

TSG offers both terminal and maternal genetics to commercial producers in Ontario. Our own drivers deliver same day direct to customer's farms three times per week to most of Ontario. Afternoon delivery allows semen to reach its' optimum potency.

Both of our boar facilities are fully heated and air conditioned. Keeping boars at a comfortable temperature year round assists in semen production and quality. In winter, our system exhausts moisture outside the barns. Humidity is the carrier for manure gases in the barn, lower humidity means better air quality and better animal health. All Boars are replaced on a regular schedule, ensuring that the latest in genetic quality is always available in the stud.

Total Swine Genetics has an excellent reputation for delivering high quality semen to its customers. Our staff is very precise in what they do. This year, as we celebrate 25 years of experience, adds to the reliability of our product. As a team, TSG truly does lead in swine A.I. in Ontario